Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Subject this semester (2)

Hye! This week entries are continuously from Subject this semester 1. For your information, this is my last entries for this semester as we already almost to final semester. As I have mentioned before, this semester I carry 7 subjects. Those are: CTU 241, BEL 311, QMT 261, ECO 211, FIN 262, BMD 101 and HSK 114.

First, is CTU. CTU is an Islamic thought. This semester, my lecturer names are Ustazah Siti Aishah binti Sokhibul Fadil. She has thought CTU for one year. She has a sweet smile. I like to see her smile. She loves to share her story with my classmate. After being in these classes, I found that this is the simplest class as we can share our story with the lecturer and discussed with our own way. For the test 1, thanks God I did well. Hope I can do much better in final examination that just around the corner.

Secondly, BEL 311. My lecturer name is Sir Izuan bin Ismail. This semester I noticed that he is more tolerate with us in teaching us doing term paper. Doing term paper is quite difficult as we need to do this assignment clearly. Thanks to my partner for the cooperation. (^^). A lot of thanks also to Sir Izuan that have guide us. Upcoming week, we will have speaking test on 15 April. Hope my group may perform well. Good luck to others too!

Third, another subject for this subject is QMT 216. QMT is Introduction to Statistics. The lecturer for this subject is Professor Madya Ruhana binti Zainuddin. After being in lecture with her, I can say that she is a nice lecturer because sometimes she will treat us with candy and chocolate! (^^). She always motivated her students even though we didn’t score well in test 1. Hopefully in test 2 we may did well. She also always makes al-Quran as our main references and guidance and shares with us much information about Islam with us. Time by time I found that this subject is getting complicated especially the probability topic. This week I have second test on this subject. Hope I can score much better than test 1.

Fourthly is ECO 211 that is Macroeconomic. My lecturer is Miss Siti Nordiyana binti Isahak. These classes I still need to catch up a lot of topic as I still cannot get along with her teaching way. But I do enjoy learning with her. She is a nice and funny lecturer. We already have done with both tests. For test 1, I didn’t score very well. Meanwhile for test 2 we still didn’t get our paper yet. Hope I get a great score.

Fifth, other subject that I take for this semester is FIN 262. Fin 262 is a Fundamental of Finance. This is the heavier credit hours for this semester. Its worth 4 credit hours. So I need to work hard for this subject. My lecturer is Madam Norsaliza. She is beautiful lecturer and a nice lecturer. She has her own style in teaching. She will teach us until we understand that subject. Test 2 for this subject is on this Friday, hope I can perform better than test 1.

Next, my favorite subjects for this semester is the Mandarin. Our “Laoshi” still happening and it’s really enjoyed being in those classes. We have done our listening test 1, speaking test 1 and writing test. This week we need to face again speaking test as we need to bring a photo and talk about it. Hope I can do it. This subject requires us to make a video. My groups still haven’t started yet. Hope we can come up with great idea in doing this video.

Lastly, HSK 114 that are Hand Ball. Honestly I cannot wait to finish this. These subjects require me to give mentally and physically energy. Last week, we have fitness test. We need to run for 2.4 kilometers. Thanks God I manage to finished it. My coach is Encik Sharil Kamarudin. He is a sporting and strict coach. However I still can found that playing handball is quite fun.(+_+)
That all I can write on subject this semester 2 entries. Final examination just around the corner, so I hope I can perform very well and get a great result. Pray for my success ya! Thanks and see again! Bye!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First Day in UiTM

Hye! This week my task is to make an entry about “My first day in UiTM”. Well, I need to refresh my past memory. (^^)

The first day I step my feet in UiTM Segamat is on 26th December 2008. Before this I never come to Johor. So, my family has decided to make a move by 5.30 am from our home. Then we arrived at 8.30 am. I’m the earlier during that day. Huhu. Luckily that the registration already has opened. So, my family not need to waiting long.

After settle the registration process, I go to my room. It’s at I005A, Intan Collage. First time I saw my room, I was worried. This is because my room is just near the door and it is easily for people no enter my wing. Beside my wing also quite dark even during the day.

After tidy up all my belongings, my family needs to go back. It almost 12.30 o’clock during that time. It still early right?? Well, they need to go because they have something to do. =’(

After my families have leaved, I stay in my room while waiting for the next program. I have been informed that we will have program at 4 pm. That program is orientation! Oh God! I hate this. Cruel. =p. why?? Because we (part 1 student) need to rushing including lunch hour! Besides, we need to stay up until 2 am and wake up at 4.30 am. Woah!

Luckily that my orientation day is only come about in 4 days. After end of orientation days, I was trying to make friends with my wing mates. It’s really a new experience for me going through my first time moment without my family. Huhu. After being here for more than a year, I found that I can get along with the place and people here. That all. =D

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friends (^ ^)

Hello, this week my friends and I were given an opportunity by Sir Izuan to choose our own topic. So, I have decided to make entries about FRIENDS.

Friends?? What are friends? From my opinion, I think a friend is someone that are willing to share your happiness and sadness together, share everything together and comforting each other. People said that it is better if we have a million of friends rather than having an enemy. I totally agree with that. Why? Because, if we have many enemy, we will never live in peace as there is always someone that will interrupt your life.

Friends also can be someone that may calm and entertain you when you are facing in trouble. You are lucky when you have friends that understand you well. So, please appreciate your friends.A truly friendship can be last long until the end of life. We may gain many experiences that with our best friend such as happiness, sadness, and so on.

There are a few tips that I want to share with you on how a friendship may keep last long. Firstly, be a good friend. Once you've started spending time with your friends, remember to take their heart, for example, initiating some of the activities, remembering their birthdays, asking their feeling or else the friendship will become unbalanced and an uneasiness or distance is likely to arise.

Next, be reliable. If you and your friend agree to meet somewhere, don't be late, and do not stand them up. If you're not going to make it on time or make it at all, call them as soon as you realize it. Apologize and ask to reschedule. Don't make them wait for you unexpectedly; it's rude, and it is certainly not a good way to launch a potential friendship. When you say you'll do something, do it. Be someone that people know that they can count on.

Other than that, is a good listener. Many people think that in order to be seen as "friend material" they have to appear very interesting. However, the most important thing is the ability to show that you're interested in others. Listen carefully to what people say, remember important details about them (their names, their likes and dislikes), ask questions about their interests, and just take the time to learn more about them. You don't want to be the guy or girl that always has a better story than anyone else or that changes the subject abruptly instead of continuing the flow of conversation.

Lastly, the most important tip in friendship is being trustworthy. One of the best things about having a friend is that you have someone to whom you can talk about anything, even secrets that you hide from the rest of the world. The key to being a good friend is the ability to keep secrets, so it's no secret that you shouldn't tell other people things that were told to you in confidence. Before people even feel comfortable opening up to you, however, you need to build trust. Be honest about yourself and your beliefs, and don't gossip about others or spread rumors or they will think you like stories better than friends.

Monday, March 1, 2010

I hate when.........

Hello! This week’s my entries title will be about things that I hate. There are many things that I really don’t like or hate. I know maybe some people will say why I hate even simple things but to me it might be a big thing. So, here I list some of things that can make I hate someone or something.

1. I really dislike people that are liked to conquer something!
Gosh! This people really make me feel so annoyed with her! I wonder why these kinds of person live on this earth. What I want to stressed here is this type of human just makes other human feel neglected and this is really unfair. They just think benefit for themselves and never cares for others feeling.

2. Smoker!
I really hate the smoke. I feel like out of breath. Even if you want to smokes, please go to other place not near me. Besides the smoke also will bring harm to the surround you.

3. I hate someone that judge someone before know the truth.
When you don’t know someone better, please don’t ever judge him/her based on her/his appearance. Don’t you think that this person has feelings?? It may seem that this person look arrogant but why don’t you try to know them well.

4. I hate someone that easily jealous.
I have my own experience with this type people. She always jealous to me whenever she seeing me with my best friend even though I not so close with her. Sometimes she makes me feel out of breath. If you keep on with this attitudes this will make people hate you.

5. I hate hypocrite person!
Well this person is really makes people become confused with her mind-set. They always have done something that differs from what they said. Really hates this typical of human.

6. I hate traffic jam.
Traffic jam makes me feel uncomfortable because I will become hot in the car and becoming dizzy. That why during traffic jams my father will open the air-conditioner so then I can breathe well.

7. I hate bees
I always scared when there is a bee. This is because I scared when they fly-fly away they will sting me.

8. I hate bad-tempered person!
I hate them because they will easily mad me for even the small things. Don’t you ever please consider others feelings??

9. I hate someone that hurt the one that I loved.
I don’t care when there is someone hurt my feeling but please don’t hurt the one’s that I loved, that are my parents especially, my siblings and lastly my best friends only! When someone did that, I will automatically hate them.

10. I hate people that “loved” talk behind.
Why in this earth have people that always not satisfied with other compensation?? Why don’t you just happy with their success and share it with them?? And why must you voice out your opinion behind that person?? Just be honest with them about what you are not satisfied with them so there will no other that will occur.

Well, that all I can share for this weeks. See again in next entries.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

My 10 Wish Lists!

Hye there! Meet again in my new entries for these weeks. This week’s its quite tough to me as i need to accomplish lots of assignment and facing a test, quizzes and also class replacement. Hopefully i can manage to face all this. This week my entries title will be “My 10 Wish Lists”. For this entry we had given an opportunity by Sir Izuan to decide our own topic. After make discussion, we are agreeing with Nabil’s topics, which are “My 10 Wish Lists”.

1. Pass my driving license test!

In my pasts entries I have told you that I love driving right?? Well, actually I did not have any license yet! Huhu.. But! This upcoming 12 of March, I will have a driving test. This will determine my life after this. I hope I will pass this test because it will guarantee my life. I don’t want to fail in this test because I really hate to repeat the same mistake and I also have postponed it many times. So, please wish me luck!

2. Increasing my CGPA

This semester I hope I can increase my pointer as I want to be a great students just like my friends. I also want to make my parents happy with my results. This semester I see that my subject is not really though. So, I hope I can score for every quiz, tests and final examination. Insya’Allah.

3. Grad on time

I really hope that I may grad on time with great result with all my friends. It’s really fun seeing each other wearing the convocation robe. Plus we can snap our picture together and keep it as our sweet memory ever because this opportunity rarely knock twice.

4. Get a great job and income!

After settle my diploma and degree, I hope I will get a great job and great working surrounding. This really makes me feel happy and comfort to work just like I watched in TV’s. I hope I will not become a jobless. I also wish that I will get a great income because I want to spend the money for my future and treat my family especially my parents because they have make a lot of sacrifices since I’m still kid.

5. Go to Mecca with my parents.

I really hope that this wish will achieve. I really want to go to Mecca with them and done haji together with them. It will be wonderful moment ever. We will complete our haji together with our couples. My mom with my dad, and me with my husband. Hehe.. (^ ^) I hope I can made it. Wish my parents have a good health.

6. Married!

Married? Yes, everyone will get married, just fast and late. As you know, our fate has determined by God and everyone has their own life partner. I really hope that I can get married at the age of 25 to 27. So, please pray for me that I will marry on time just like I want to grad on time. =p

7. Have a happy family

I always dreamed that I will have a happy family (husband and kids!) just like I watched in drama. They have a happy family and happy life. No suffer and sadness. At that time I imagine that every tick of time we will have so much fun and laugh without ignoring others.

8. Have a good health

I always pray to God to give a good health to my family and I. I really hope that I will have a good health so that I can take care of my parents and also I don’t want to burden people with my ill. I really pity and sympathy for people that suffer illness like in reality show. I don’t know how to help them, so I just help them with pray to God.

9. Last longer friendship

I wish that my relationship with my lovely best friends will never end. I hope we can spend our glory time together and I really want to come to their wedding and also seeing they coming to my wedding bring along a present. Hopefully we will friends till the end of life. When we become a granny, we can share our memory and experience to our grand kid. (^ ^)

10. Dream car!

Yes! I almost forgot about my dream car. Huhu. I wish that I could get a car after I get my driving license. Perhaps kancil at least. Hehe. Then I will buy my own car with my own money. Surely I will make myself proud! =p I always dream to drive and have a Honda Accord. Well, I can see that it still far to achieve this wish! Unless I get a lucky draw!

That all I can write about my wish. Please pray for my success and pray that my wish will come true. Thank you.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Lovely Classmates!

Hye people! We meet again in my new entries. Holidays comes to end and good luck to continue your work. This week I need to make entries about my classmates. Wow! This quite fun to me as I can write I know about them since I have known them since we’re in semester 1. As you see in the picture, there are no boys at all. So, it’s a girl power. I really love to be in this class because there is no boys just like my secondary school. (^-^)


I have known her since part 1. We always go to class together. I still remember every time we want to go to class, she always came to my room earlier. This makes me think that she is punctual and discipline person. I called her Lili but sometimes I called her Kak Ros. Huhu. From my view, I think Lily is a fierce and very strict person. She also will complete all her assignment even though she busy. I salute you Lili!


I still remember the first time she enter the class. For your information, she is the second intake student. When I her, it across to my mind that this girl maybe friendly, and that it! It’s true. This is because when she enters the class, she always keeps on smiling. I called her Sha. She crazy about Korean so much. Just take a look at her Myspace or Facebook, there will be her favorite heroes in her profile. =p


Zulaika or Kecik. I preferred to called her Kecik because it’s seem synonyms with her. I’m not so close with her because we are from different collage. But, what can I see is, she is very stylish and beautiful. I like to see her smile. In addition, Kecik is very clever and she know what she’s doing and she very good in debate.


Next is Isma. During semester 1 we’re not in the same class. I’m from D2 and she is D1. We only meet when there is combination class during BEL class. When I look at her, she quite simple I think her is arrogant. But now since we’ve been in the same class for the 2 semester onwards, I can say that Isma is beautiful, kind-hearted and not arrogant at all! For your information, we have same baju kurung songket. (+_+)


I called her Kak Azlina because she is older than me. I can see that she is very focused on doing something. Even though she is senior among us, she still being friendly with us. Kak Azlina loves to smile every time. So, keep on smiling ya!


Sorry Erin if I spell your name wrongly. Huhu.. I don’t know whether it’s Erynn or Erin. I didn’t really know her because we never being in the same class since semester 1. I only know her name; Erynn Nurshafika. It’s a beautiful name. From my view, Erin is a quiet girl. When I approach her, only then she will talk to me. She always sit next to Baizura and sometimes Afiqah(D2).


Nur Nabila Izzati. I called her Nabil. She is younger than me! So jealous. Huhu.. even though she is younger than me, she is very smart is studying, that why she doing well in her finals. Bravo Nabil! She so skinny but I heard that she eat a lot. Wow!


I called her Zura. Well, I don’t know much about her since we are from different collage. Zura is close with Kecik. They always went to class together. Zura is quiet in class, but sometimes I found that she is funny. One word I can say about her is; Slumber.


This girl is very hardworking person. Why? This is because I can see that she likes to become stylish. The way she wears her shawl and scarf. Huhu. She also very focus in class. Last time I talk with her is about her baju kurung. She said that she sew it by her own. Well done Ezzah!


I called her Dila. She stays at the same sactor with me, sector B. so, we will go to class together with the others. To me, Dila is very focus person. She will determine when she doing some works. Dila have the same interest with Shahirah that is she loves to watch Korean dramas. Dila is quite “crazy” especially when snapping a picture. She likes to make a bunkface. Just look at the above pictures. (^-^)


Next is Jannah. I called her Jann or Jajan. Hehe. Jannah is fierce. (+_-) She is clever and also determined when doing her works. Sometimes she quite talkative person.


Aishah or Sya. Since I have known her since part 1, what I can say about her is she is camera addicted! She likes to take a picture even though there is a lecturer in the class. In addition, she always tries to focus in class even though she is sleepy. Oppss..


This girl I’ve known her since part 1. We are in the same platun in KESATRIA. I know her from there. Syakira or Iya is a talkative person. She has represent UiTM for debate competition with kecik. Well done Iya.


She has a unique name. People called her Mies. She is Iya bestfriend. They always stick together. When tere is Iya, there is Mies and vise versa. =p BFF k?! Mies is quite quiet in the class. She will talk when there is people approach her first, just like Erin.


I almost forgot her real name as I called her Mon. huhu. I don’t know how come AMALINA could turns to MON. Mon is closed with Isma and Nabil. They 3 always together. Mon is very kind-hearted and she not arrogant at all. She also determine when doing her job.


This cuties classmate is already 22 this year. Did you believe it? She is the eldest in my class. She is small and cute. I called her Kak Aziey. Sometimes she is funny and she also really friendly. She also talkative person.


This Johorian people(hehe) is very simple person as I know her. I love to talk with her and I also love to make a joke with her. She ikes to laugh. When you heard her laugh, you will automatically know that, that voice is belong to Diana Isha.

18. ME!! (^_^)


I wonder why people called her Fateen or Ateen. If I’m not mistake, her name is Nur Fatihah. I will ask her later. Huhu. Ateen has beautiful eyes. She is soft-spoken and I can see that she also gentle. Ateen is close to Izzati, Diana and Ellina. Ateen also a clever girl and she score well in final. Good luck Ateen!


She is the one that I always spent time with. Why?? This is because she is my partner is every my assignment. Being partner with her is really cool. As I don’t need to be so stressed during doing assignment. Ramizah has many idea in her mind, this makes me really impressed with her. She also my class representatives for BEL 311.


When I see her for the first time, one word to describe her is arrogant! Wow! That was before. But now we became closer and sharing our story, secret and gossip together. Huda can become serious when needed and being emotional when she has being pushed by others. She also can become crazy and always make funny.


Her name is unique right?? I think so. I just called her Ina or Lena. She is gentle person and I think she is being pampered by her family. Lena is very determined when studying and struggle person. She also close with Ateen, Diana and Izzati.


Last but not least, Izzati or Zatiey. She looks soft from outside but when we know her we can conclude that she is rock. Zatiey coming from girl school just like me. Hehe. I still remember during last semester break, we always chat together to choose the class. Huhu.

Well, that all I can say about my classmates. Even though all of us comes from different countries, we still can interact with each other and enjoy our great time together. Love you guys!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day

14 February every year will be a happy and sweet moment for those who celebrate it. It's a day for a couple to show their love to ones they love. It will be a unforgetten moment to themselves. I never celebrate this day because I have no one to celebrate with! Haha. In my opinion, everyday we can show our love to ones we love right? So, appreciate your love everyday.

I'm no so great in talking about love just like I have mention in my oldest post (LOVE). This week my topic is Valentine's Day. I surely don't know what to talk about. At this moment, I am back at my home! Happy holidays to my classmate and happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate it. now, back to my topic; Valentines.

During Valentine's, a couple will spend their time together like having a candle light dinner, gift present to each other just like I have watched in TV. =p During Valentine's television station will always provide a romantic story to the audience. Talk about romantic movie I love to watch Titanic. This really a great story. I willingly to spend my time to watch this story even though I have a lot work to do. My mom share the same favorite like me. We will watch this story together.

I have my own opinion about Valentine's Day. As a Muslim, I have been exposed since I was kid that we as Muslim must not celebrate this day. This is because it's like we celebrate other race culture that opposite from Islamic view. But still there is Muslim still celebrate this day. without valentine's we still can celebrate our love right?

So, Muslim out there, think about this matter wisely. We must remember that Allah is the greatest. We still can show our love every time and everywhere as long as it's not against Islamic rule. That all for this week. See again ya! Daa..