Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Subject this semester (2)

Hye! This week entries are continuously from Subject this semester 1. For your information, this is my last entries for this semester as we already almost to final semester. As I have mentioned before, this semester I carry 7 subjects. Those are: CTU 241, BEL 311, QMT 261, ECO 211, FIN 262, BMD 101 and HSK 114.

First, is CTU. CTU is an Islamic thought. This semester, my lecturer names are Ustazah Siti Aishah binti Sokhibul Fadil. She has thought CTU for one year. She has a sweet smile. I like to see her smile. She loves to share her story with my classmate. After being in these classes, I found that this is the simplest class as we can share our story with the lecturer and discussed with our own way. For the test 1, thanks God I did well. Hope I can do much better in final examination that just around the corner.

Secondly, BEL 311. My lecturer name is Sir Izuan bin Ismail. This semester I noticed that he is more tolerate with us in teaching us doing term paper. Doing term paper is quite difficult as we need to do this assignment clearly. Thanks to my partner for the cooperation. (^^). A lot of thanks also to Sir Izuan that have guide us. Upcoming week, we will have speaking test on 15 April. Hope my group may perform well. Good luck to others too!

Third, another subject for this subject is QMT 216. QMT is Introduction to Statistics. The lecturer for this subject is Professor Madya Ruhana binti Zainuddin. After being in lecture with her, I can say that she is a nice lecturer because sometimes she will treat us with candy and chocolate! (^^). She always motivated her students even though we didn’t score well in test 1. Hopefully in test 2 we may did well. She also always makes al-Quran as our main references and guidance and shares with us much information about Islam with us. Time by time I found that this subject is getting complicated especially the probability topic. This week I have second test on this subject. Hope I can score much better than test 1.

Fourthly is ECO 211 that is Macroeconomic. My lecturer is Miss Siti Nordiyana binti Isahak. These classes I still need to catch up a lot of topic as I still cannot get along with her teaching way. But I do enjoy learning with her. She is a nice and funny lecturer. We already have done with both tests. For test 1, I didn’t score very well. Meanwhile for test 2 we still didn’t get our paper yet. Hope I get a great score.

Fifth, other subject that I take for this semester is FIN 262. Fin 262 is a Fundamental of Finance. This is the heavier credit hours for this semester. Its worth 4 credit hours. So I need to work hard for this subject. My lecturer is Madam Norsaliza. She is beautiful lecturer and a nice lecturer. She has her own style in teaching. She will teach us until we understand that subject. Test 2 for this subject is on this Friday, hope I can perform better than test 1.

Next, my favorite subjects for this semester is the Mandarin. Our “Laoshi” still happening and it’s really enjoyed being in those classes. We have done our listening test 1, speaking test 1 and writing test. This week we need to face again speaking test as we need to bring a photo and talk about it. Hope I can do it. This subject requires us to make a video. My groups still haven’t started yet. Hope we can come up with great idea in doing this video.

Lastly, HSK 114 that are Hand Ball. Honestly I cannot wait to finish this. These subjects require me to give mentally and physically energy. Last week, we have fitness test. We need to run for 2.4 kilometers. Thanks God I manage to finished it. My coach is Encik Sharil Kamarudin. He is a sporting and strict coach. However I still can found that playing handball is quite fun.(+_+)
That all I can write on subject this semester 2 entries. Final examination just around the corner, so I hope I can perform very well and get a great result. Pray for my success ya! Thanks and see again! Bye!

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